Many orthopaedic surgeons will have a strict post-operative schedule for a physiotherapist to follow and it is Movement Improvement’s goal to ensure that you are continually meeting the orthopaedic surgeon’s expectations.

Movement Improvement have strong relationships with the orthopaedic surgeons in both the Central Queensland and South-East Queensland regions. These relationships allow a Movement Improvement physiotherapist to liaise with your surgeon openly, which allows for individualisation of your post-operative rehabilitation.

If you are a sportsperson who needs to return-to-sport as fast as possible, an employee that is required to return-to-work as efficiently and as safely as possible or someone who wants to gain the most function possible following surgery, then Movement Improvement can help.

Common surgeries we can rehabilitate include:

Another added advantage of undergoing your post-operative rehabilitation with Movement Improvement is our close link between our physiotherapy and exercise science streams. Once we have achieved the acute functional goals of your rehabilitation, it is time to build your functional capacity.

This is where our seamless link between physiotherapy and exercise science is important. We have developed our own protocols for many post-operative conditions, with strict guidelines about progressing you through your rehabilitation safely. These guidelines act as a safeguard for your rehabilitation. Your physiotherapist will continually communicate with your exercise scientist about your current status and expectations within a particular rehabilitation phase to ensure you to return to your greatest possible functional level.

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